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The change of the seasons has hit me hard. Between the almost constant rain and fighting off a cold, my fitness (and overall) motivation has hit an all time low. This past week, my focus was on doing things to simultaneously rest and relax, but also taking little steps to amp up my motivation.  Here are 5 things that kept me motivated last week, and are making me look forward to Monday and the week ahead! Sweet Tunes: Running while […]

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  Hello July  – how are you doing?  This morning I was going through my notebook trying to find an empty page on which to scribble a to do list, when I stumbled on my 2016 goal list. The past 6 months have been a whirlwind and I’m so excited to say I have met many of the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the year.  Others have changed as I have grown and changed, and some […]

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I usually hate buying bras, especially sports bras.  When you’re a bigger chested lady, who loves high impact activities (bootcamp, running) finding a sports bra that is both comfortable and functional is challenging.  Before I attended my first Title Nine Fit Fest, I had resigned myself to the idea that I would have to double up on (yes, I mean wear two) sports bras for life. However, last year all of that changed when I attended Title Nine Fit Fest, and for the first time […]

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shrimp fried cauli rice

I really love rice and I must admit, I’ve really missed rice during our time on the Whole 30.  However, cauliflower rice has been an awesome substitute.  It has the bulk and consistency of rice, but it’s cauliflower! One bummer about cauliflower rice is the amount of prep it takes. It takes awhile to break down the cauliflower, and “rice” it in the food processor.  And don’t even get me started on the mess.  Those little rice kernel shaped pieces of […]

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puple and yukon gold potatoes about to go in the oven with salt, pepper, and ghee

Hello Friends! How was your summer?!  Ours was wonderful and full of friends, family, travel and tons of delicious food.  With all of these fun times come lots of glorious food indulgences! But all this indulgence left us feeling a little…sluggish.  I am now working out about 6 times a week, and I felt like all of these little indulgences were adding up and counteracting the hard work I was putting in at boot camp, yoga, and on the trails & track. […]

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