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Last week I was fighting off some kind of weird upper respiratory grossness.  Coincidentally, we were also having a spurt of unusually cold, below freezing weather in Portland.  This combination of sickness and sub-freezing weather had me craving, nay, obsessing over chicken soup.  It sounded good even for breakfast, but alas, at the time my cubbard was bare of chicken soup.  I am currently pretty low on time so I needed something that was souper (haha, get it?) easy to put together but […]

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This weekend Portland got hit with another Snowpocalypse.  I was stir crazy, it was cold, it was icy, it was snowy, and I was hungry.  Instead of grouching at my husband (which I did a little bit anyways – sorry, Hendo!) I started cooking and I came up with this healthy, delicious recipe for Creamy Kale and Cauliflower Soup. One of my challenges in the winter is eating enough veggies.  My primary veggie eating vehicle is the salad, but in the […]

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Happy New Year! I was so lucky to have eleven glorious days off during the holidays to re-set, re-focus, and get charged up for 2017. Not only did I have a little time to think about my own fitness goals in the new year, but I also had some time to plan (or scheme, muahahaha) some really fun, new things for my bootcamp classes. Flex and Flow bootcamp is back this week after a little holiday break, and starting Thursday […]

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I know some people think New Year’s resolutions are kind of corny.  But because my birthday is New Year’s Eve, I see New Year’s Day as the start of a new year of my life.  For me, it’s an opportunity to review the past year of my life, and re-evaluate my goals and my dreams in the next year. As I start my first full day as a 33 year old, I feel excited about all the things to come […]

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The change of the seasons has hit me hard. Between the almost constant rain and fighting off a cold, my fitness (and overall) motivation has hit an all time low. This past week, my focus was on doing things to simultaneously rest and relax, but also taking little steps to amp up my motivation.  Here are 5 things that kept me motivated last week, and are making me look forward to Monday and the week ahead! Sweet Tunes: Running while […]

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