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The past few months have been all about big changes.  We tied the knot, I changed my last name, and we are starting the process of purchasing a home.  Somewhere in between all of those major life events we dramatically changed our lifestyle and made a conscious decision to be healthier people, and adopted a plant based, whole foods diet. After a particularly indulgent holiday, we sat down on January 3 and talked about our goals for the New Year.  […]

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I have this problem:  I get inspired by something I see in Bon Appetit Magazine and I go out and buy all the ingredients that I need to make it.  After all the ingredients have been purchased, I invite people over.  When everyone has previous engagements, I end up with 5 pounds of mussels and a whole Grand Central Baguette for two… And what great mussels they were!  If you ask me (and will accept a little bit of hubris), they […]

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International travel,visitors, and soaking up the summer sun and enjoying my city have kept me away from the blog world for too long.  Today the City of Portland is a completely different city than it was 3 months ago. It’s a living breathing entity with people streaming in and out of restaurants and bars.  Plays and music seem to be in our local park every day and there is definitely a festival every single weekend. When the rain begins again, […]

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The 49ers may have lost, but Ben and I won with this fantastic meal tonight.  Instead of pigging out on dips and snacks all day, we opted for one indulgent meal.  When the guys in red and gold were out fighting for the (unattained) win, Ben and I were eating slow cooker beef short ribs in Cabernet sauce, creamy Parmesan mashed potatoes, and roasted Brussels sprouts. Oh yummy, what an amazing meal! I hope you all had a fantastic time watching the big game!

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The week gets so busy sometimes.  We work, we get exercise, we run errands, and sometimes there just isn’t enough time to cook something healthy for the family (or, in my case, Ben and I).  I really, really enjoy cooking but without some organization, the weekly meals go by the wayside and are overtaken by the convenience of frozen burritos, boxed rice, and the all too tempting Pho take out restaurant across the street.  A point of clarification:  There is nothing wrong with […]

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