A Healthy Change

The past few months have been all about big changes.  We tied the knot, I changed my last name, and we are starting the process of purchasing a home.  Somewhere in between all of those major life events we dramatically changed our lifestyle and made a conscious decision to be healthier people, and adopted a plant based, whole foods diet.

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After a particularly indulgent holiday, we sat down on January 3 and talked about our goals for the New Year.  Two central themes prevailed: we wanted to be healthier and we wanted to save more money.  As I entered into my 30s, things weren’t working as quickly or as smoothly as they used to. Since “you are what you eat”, I wanted to see if cutting out the crap for a long-term period would make a significant difference in how I felt. After reflecting on past weeks’ grocery bills, we were shocked at how much we were spending on our meats and cheeses. So when we returned home from our Christmas trip in California, we started our new healthy lifestyle.

We wanted this to be a long-term change in our lives and in order to do that, we had to allow ourselves some small rule bending here and there.  On the occasional morning, I will eat a poached egg (local and/or pasture raised, of course!).  If I go out with friends or colleagues, I order the healthiest thing on the menu – but if my veggie burger has a slice of cheese, I don’t have a cow.  Because we love to eat out, we will typically we have a day or a weekend once every two weeks when we try a new restaurant or eat some type of meat and/or cheese dish.

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But in general, every week night we cook some type of amazing plant based, whole-food meal and take the left overs for lunch.  We cut out our processed snack foods, and cheese and charcuterie plates, but we have replaced those snacks with fruit, nuts, and fresh squeezed juice- I’m obsessed with green juice.  We are eating a ton of whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables – tons of vegetables!

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The results have been remarkable.  In one month our clothes are fitting loose, and we feel amazing.  We have more energy to exercise, we sleep better, and we never feel weighed down after a meal.

Initially, I was afraid this change would limit my creativity in the kitchen, but it has done just the opposite. It has been so much fun learning about the nutritional value of different types of foods, and ways to prepare them so that they are both delicious and healthy.

Over the next few months, I plan to post more thoughts about our lifestyle change, healthy recipes, and ways that we are making positive changes in our life. So stay tuned and watch the transformation take shape!

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