Boke Bowl

After a few days of turkey, stuffing, and all of this good stuff:

I was getting sick of leftovers and yearning for something a little different than Thanksgiving food.  The problem with Portland is that there are so many wonderful  places to try. So many that an interesting place can go untried for a year or two before I find myself moseying up the the front door.  This afternoon, after a awesome trip to the gym, Ben and I finally drove down to Water Avenue and walked through the threshold of Boke Bowl.

I ordered a pork dashi ramen bowl

The ramen bowl consisted of house- made noodles, pulled pork, squash, and some form of seasonal green (maybe broccoli rabe?).  At first taste the ramen broth was a little bland other than a smokey flavor from the pork.  However, after a few spoonfuls, the flavor grew on me and it seemed to deepen.  It just got better with every bite.  What I really liked about the bowl was that they used seasonal vegetable ingredients.  The delicata squash went really well with the pulled pork.

Ben has been doing the gluten free thing lately, so he ordered the seafood miso dashi with yam noodles.

I had a quick taste of Ben’s bowl and the flavor was a light seafood flavor, but not at all fishy – which I enjoyed.  In addition to our ramen bowls, we also got an order of the shrimp and pork sui mai.

Hands down these little dumplings beat anything that I’ve bought in the freezer aisle.  However, this was a major fail move on my part  since they aren’t gluten free.  Sorry Ben!

What a yummy lunch, and cheap too! We will definitely be coming back here again! Now, back to that refrigerator full of left overs….

Does anyone have any good recipes for Thanksgiving left overs?


  1. Mom says:

    My recipe: Make it yourself sandwiches.

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