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What is it with the flu this year?  Does every single person have it?

Ben and I went on this fantastic vacation over the holidays, I set all of these goals to get the new year off to a great start and then, bam! A week in a half into the new year, a bout of the flu completely de-rails my new years goals.  One of those goals, along with working out more and keeping plans with friends, was posting on this blog once a week.

Alas, when you fall off the horse you just have to get back up.  So now that I am feeling better, I’ll be back at the gym today, I hung out with friends over the weekend, and I’m writing on this blog now.

Back to that fantastic vacation…For two weeks Ben and I visited with friends and family on the east coast.  We spent most days in Ben’s hometown of Wrentham, MA but we also took trips to Boston, Providence Road Island, and New York City.  You better believe that we ate like kings. But in addition to eating our share, we also had an amazing time visiting with good friends and family, hiking, going for long trips to the gym with cousins (because when you have nothing to do all day, but go to the gym, you end up spending a ton of time there), reading books inside while looking at the view of Lake Archer, and just relaxing.  It was great.

Regrettably, this post will do my trip no justice.  For most of the trip, I was so busy enjoying myself and living in the moment, that I didn’t stop to document exactly what I was doing. However, I was able to snap a few shots here and there so I can share some of the highlights of the trip with you.

Sea Food in Massachusetts: Ben’s dad took us to Fresh Catch, a fish market with adjoining restaurant.  I was jonesing for some New England Clam chowder, and Fresh Catch didn’t disappoint.  I also ordered the Ahi tuna salad.  The tuna was incredibly fresh and seared perfectly.


Our Day Trips to Providence, Rhode Island: On probably the coldest day of our trip we put on multiple layers of clothing and walked around Brown University.  We also stopped in at Hot Club and warmed up with a bloody Mary.

Does the ambiance in the pictures above seem uncannily familiar?  If so, is Something About Mary one of your favorite movies?  If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you’ve recognized a filming location for the movie!

A few days later we headed back into Providence for my birthday dinner  at the Wurst Kitchen at Chez Pascal.  Unfortunately for the readers of this post, this was one of those aforementioned moments when I was truly enjoying the meal and not snapping pictures.  With eight people at the table, and the conversation and wine flowing, I was just having too great of a time to bust out the camera and start snapping photos.  Our group ordered one of everything on the Wurst Kitchen menu.  Once everything was devoured, we went ahead and ordered another round of small plates. My favorite thing on the menu was the venison sausage with lobster spaetzle and cheese.  Since it was still 2012 when we dined, I would have to say this was the best thing I ate in 2012.

We took a trip to NYC:  We took the bus from Providence to the Port Authority in NYC to spend the day and night with college friends. If I had to describe our whirlwind trip to NYC in one word it would be “walking”

We walked from the Port Authority to Times Square, from Times Square to the East Village, From the East Village to the World Trade Center, and from the World Trade Center to the Brooklyn Bridge.  I was limping by the end.  Blisters, they are real and they can hurt.

While in the East Village we stopped for lunch at Momofuku Noodle Bar. We started our meal with a jar of pickles

Ben ordered the Rice cakes and chicken wings.  When I read rice cakes on the menu, my mind traveled to when I was a teenager and eating these tasteless cardboard wafers in an effort to get skinny for prom.  The dish that was presented to us was crispy but fluffy, in an amazing salty, bright, and sour sauce.

I had a quick taste of the chicken wings, and they were very nice too

The star of the show was the beautiful vegetarian ramen .  In the mix: mushroom broth, pickled green beans, arugula, and seaweed.  This was the perfect way to re-energize after a long walk in the crisp NYC weather.

I was full after this tasty bowl of ramen, but I had to taste the Ritz cracker, and peanut butter swirl soft serve. The soft serve was topped with little bits of flat salt, and tasted just a like a peanut butter Ritz cracker sandwich. Nostalgia served up right in an ice cream cup.

After our very satisfying lunch,we were back on our feet walking from the East Village to see sights like the new WTC building and the Brooklyn Bridge.

After the Brooklyn Bridge, we took the subway back to the East Village and met up with our college friends for Dinner and drinks at Back Forty.  After a late night out.  Ben and I shared some delicious fries and dipping sauces from Pommes Frites.  Mmmmm, late night french fries

The next morning, we walked off our evening indulgence in Central Park, and then got ready to head back to Massachusetts, where we spent our last days on the east coast enjoying time with friends and family.

Happy New Year!  Did you have any exciting travels or adventures during the holidays?




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