Five Pounds of Mussles

I have this problem:  I get inspired by something I see in Bon Appetit Magazine and I go out and buy all the ingredients that I need to make it.  After all the ingredients have been purchased, I invite people over.  When everyone has previous engagements, I end up with 5 pounds of mussels and a whole Grand Central Baguette for two…

And what great mussels they were!  If you ask me (and will accept a little bit of hubris), they were some of the best mussels that I’ve ever tasted!  I added red pepper flakes for a little extra punch and extra herbs for a more herbaceous mouth feel.  If you happen to find 5 pounds of fresh mussels lying around, do yourself a favor make this recipe (just make sure you have guests actually coming over)!

photo (3)

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