Mother’s Bistro and Buzzing Around Portland

Hooray for meeting new friends.  When I first moved to Portland I felt completely isolated. Now that two years have passed in the Pacific Northwest, I finally feel like I have a solid base of friends and every day it seems like I meet new ones.  On a Friday afternoon my good friend in California sent me an unexpected text: her sister was in town visiting grad schools and she wondered if I could show her around town.  How exciting! Of course I obliged.

We started our Portland journey at Mother’s Bistro & Bar.  I’ve literally been hearing about Mother’s Bistro & Bar since day one in Portland.  I often walk by the big windows and see people happily noshing, drinking, conversing, and always think to myself: “I wish I was doing that right now”.  So on Saturday morning, with a new friend in tow, I walked into Mother’s and took a seat at the bar.

First priority: double grapefruit juice mimosas!

The special of the day was a salmon sandwich on a toasted sourdough bread with wasabi mayonnaise.  I don’t really care for salmon, but for some reason on that particular Saturday morning salmon was the only thing I wanted to eat.  My instincts did not disappoint.  The salmon was perfectly prepared – rare in the middle, and the wasabi mayonnaise was a lovely complement. The sour dough was toasted crunchy on the outside but warm and doughy once I bit into it. It was the best sandwich.

Look at the beautiful bar

After eating such a filling brunch, I was ready for a nice long walk.  We walked the waterfront and then toured around the City and saw some of the popular places in Portland including the Saturday Market…

The elephant statue in the Park Blocks…

Coffee at Lovejoy Bakers…

and baby chickens at the Urban Farm Store 

The night ended late with dinner at Bridgeport and a movie at the Mission Theater ,

If you haven’t had an Oregon wild mushroom salad from Bridgeport Brewery, you haven’t lived.

Here are a few other wonderful food pictures from fun times with friends over the last week.

Brunch with Ben at Hobnob Grille. I had the Escondito Monton which equals eggs, spicy sauce, avocado, tomato, vegan chili, red onion, cilantro, and romaine all on top of hash browns.  The crispy hash browns, tasty eggs, spicy chili, and fresh lettuce and cilantro were like a party in my mouth. I will definitely be back for this.

On Book club night our club selected Serrato for our meeting spot. Serrato has amazing Mediterranean food in a beautiful, local, and friendly environment.  I really loved the ambiance in this place, it almost made me feel like I back in college when I visited the Mediterranean Coast during spring break.

I started my meal with the beet salad with bosc pears, fried garlic, goat cheese, and Dijon vinegarette.

Second I had the small plate of rabbit confit ravioli with porcini beuree monte and braised leeks.  This is by far the best thing I have eaten all month.  I keep half ass trying to recreate this taste in my own kitchen (okay, maybe quarter to an eighth ass trying).  But alas, jarred alfredo sauce, baby bella mushrooms, and Trader Joes chicken sausage does not hold a light to the bold flavor of the rabbit surrounded by the delicate yet complex flavor of the porcini beuree.  So good.  I left feeling Serratto satisfied, relaxed, and full of foodie joy!

Tell me about the last time you ate out!  What did you order?

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