Oregon Water Falls

Jamie came to visit!

One of my besties, Jamie, came to visit Ben and I in Portland with her cooler than cool boyfriend, Casey.  The weekend was full of hiking, eating, wine tasting, relaxing, and laughing in the backyard by the fire.

The weekend kicked off by the fire with some tasty food, wine, and catch up time.

Jamie is a vegan, so when we woke up the next morning I was really excited about introducing her to one of our favorite places, Paradox Cafe.  Paradox is one of those greasy spoon places, who’s main clientele are predominately hipsters.  Wait, what? Greasy spoon and a vegan?  Paradox cafe has numerous vegetarian and vegan options and can “veganize” anything on the menu.  It’s a great place for a group with various eating preferences.  Jamie, Ben, and I ordered the Garden Benedict.  Think steamed kale, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage, served over a piece of sour dough toast with pesto.  Your choice of egg, tofu, or tempeh, and this magical veggie hollandaise sauce over the top.  On the side are probably the best crispy potatoes I’ve had anywhere. Yum.

Our friend Alissa had the East Bank Breakfast Hash

In addition to the Garden Benedict, Ben also ordered a solstice cake.  The solstice cake is a corn cake with apples and walnuts cooked inside of the batter.  It is so good.

After breakfast we said goodbye to Alissa and headed to Silver Falls State Parks.  We took a hike around a large loop and were able to see some incredible falls, these are just a few of the many…

There is something about getting out into the wilderness that just clears the mind and relaxes the body.  We spent the majority of the day here exploring the falls and working up a sweat until we were ready to head back into town, and enjoy a couple of beers and appetizers at Hop House.

My favorite part about Hop House is the diversity of the beers on the weekly tap list.  Since we’ve moved to Portland, Ben and I have become total Beer snobs.  Hop House always has something wonderful on the menu that we’ve never even knew existed.

The next morning, Jamie and I were up relatively early for a run through Mt Tabor Park.  After breaking a sweat we grabbed brunch at Junior’s Cafe where we had some fantastic grapefruit mimosas, and an even better meal.

After Juniors cafe we were off to wine country so I could show my friends how the Willamette Valley compares to California wine culture…stay tuned!


  1. Casey says:

    You guys are seriously the best hosts EVER. Thanks for such a great weekend!

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