Broccoli and Cheese Risotto

When I was a little girl my mom used to make our family a simple chicken and rice dish with canned soup and cheese.  All the ingredients would go into a pan in the oven and cook up like a casserole.  My mom isn’t much of a cook, but this dish was always a winner. Inspired by this comfort food from my childhood, I created a broccoli and cheese risotto.  Chicken is great with this risotto, but so is a perfectly poached egg.  It’s a very simple... Read More

Other People’s Recipes

Oh hello holiday rush, how are you doing? Holiday Shopping…check! Holiday Cards Sent…check! Holiday Decorations…check! With all of the additional obligations that the holidays bring, it is hard for me to find time to be creative in the kitchen.  Thank goodness that I have access to the recipes of very talented cooks to sustain Ben and I throughout the week. Other Person’s Recipe #1  – Tomato and Feta Stuffed Chicken... Read More

Getting Crafty

This weekend I was inspired to get into the holiday spirit. That is, I got into the holiday spirit after sleeping in, peeling myself off the couch, and going  for a nice run in the park.  Then, I got into the holiday spirit and decided to bust out all my Christmas decorations.  Sweat Pink, y’all. Anyways, I had signed up for a terrarium making workshop on Sunday.  On Saturday night, I knew I would be bringing home a beautiful table centerpiece,... Read More

Fun Times With Friends

Every Monday night, after an extreme stair work out, I get together with some lady friends for my number one favorite guilty pleasure: The Bachelor.  Instead of gorging on chocolate and potato chips, we pick easy, healthy dinners. We split the ingredients between the four of us and all bring something to the table.  Here are a couple ideas for your own girls’ night in. Bachelor Night Number 1 – Fajitas –  flour tortillas, cheese,... Read More

Healthy French Fries

Um, yeah, hey healthy food, it’s me Tasha.  Yeah, I know I broke up with you over the holidays for that meaty prime rib and some cheesy goodness, but I’m wondering if you will take me back? You will? Great! I absolutely love french fries and cheese, but over the holiday season I kicked my addiction into high gear. To counter act my french fry and cheese eating problem, I do a little salad eating and healthy cooking every now and then.... Read More

The Day I Ate Cheese

Yesterday was my first day back in Portland, and a good thing too! I got home just in time to visit with a few of my out of town friends before they hopped a flight back to California. Our day was spent sipping wine in the Willamette Valley at Soter and Four Graces. The Soter tasting room was warm and cozy, and it was a good thing because the weather outside was, in true Pacific Northwest fashion, frightful. Around lunchtime our party broke out... Read More