Farmer’s Market Eggplant Dinner

It was an eat-out type of week.  Over the weekend we traveled to Ashland, Oregon to watch my friend Jamie run the Pine to Palm 100.  Watching someone else run an ultra marathon can be really tiring ( I hope you guys are getting my irony, here).  I wonder what it would feel like to actually run one!? The busy weekend was just a precursor to the busy week. The chill in the air was a constant reminder that it was time to compost, turn, and plant... Read More

Too Much Barley

I went to the Whole Foods bulk bins and went a little crazy with the barley. Honestly, the barley came out faster than anticipated and I’ve never been known for my hand-eye coordination.  Long story short, I came home with a few pounds of this lovely little pearled grain. I had never even cooked with barley before, but then I saw a vegan mushroom barley risotto recipe in the New York Times Sunday Dining and Wine Section and the next thing I... Read More

Spaghetti Squash = Love

At the beginning of the week I usually go on a cooking spree and freshly cooked rice, pastas, beans, and all of my other weekly staples get put into serving size Tupperware and recycled yogurt containers.  That way during the week when I am in a rush, I grab a pre-made staple, a piece of fruit, or a nice salad, and voila! I have a healthy, no fuss meal ready in 2 minutes flat.  This is so helpful because I always have something handy when  I... Read More