Oregon Water Falls

Jamie came to visit! One of my besties, Jamie, came to visit Ben and I in Portland with her cooler than cool boyfriend, Casey.  The weekend was full of hiking, eating, wine tasting, relaxing, and laughing in the backyard by the fire. The weekend kicked off by the fire with some tasty food, wine, and catch up time. Jamie is a vegan, so when we woke up the next morning I was really excited about introducing her to one of our favorite places, Paradox... Read More

Healthy French Fries

Um, yeah, hey healthy food, it’s me Tasha.  Yeah, I know I broke up with you over the holidays for that meaty prime rib and some cheesy goodness, but I’m wondering if you will take me back? You will? Great! I absolutely love french fries and cheese, but over the holiday season I kicked my addiction into high gear. To counter act my french fry and cheese eating problem, I do a little salad eating and healthy cooking every now and then.... Read More

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt Caramel

Hello Friends! Is everyone ready for the holidays – I certainly am!  After work my very productive evening was spent wrapping these beautiful presents, watching multiple episodes of Revenge, and eating chocolate! Besides chocolate, today’s eats consisted of this for breakfast -except instead of the oatmeal I had a spinach feta wrap. Have you ever tried these? It tastes like chicken, looks like chicken, except it is totally vegetarian,... Read More

Back to Health

Whoa – My healthy eating got a little off track on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. On Tuesday night (after the gym) I had one of these with some girlfriends at Brix Tavern And then ate cream of artichoke soup and some chile verde pork nachos.  Everything was so good, but I felt so stuffed and gross afterwards!  The next day at lunch I encountered some Thai food and inhaled all of it.  When I got home Thursday night, I felt like it was... Read More