Time to Relax

Before the holiday madness began, Ben and I got away for a relaxing weekend in wine country.  We stayed in Carlton, Oregon and spent the night in converted grain silos at the Abbey Road Farms B&B.   We visited several places to taste wine, but our favorite vineyards from the trip were Coelho and Dukes Family Vineyard. What I love about Carlton is that the whole town is centered around celebrating good food and wine. As we were walking through... Read More

Saturday Snowshoe

Ben and I made it our unofficial New Year’s resolution to get outside more on the weekends.  We are lucky to live in Portland where there are so many opportunities for dining, wine tasting, hiking, and snow sports.  However, after a long work week the temptation to putz around the house, run errands, and watch re-runs of Californication is often too overwhelming.  This weekend, in the spirit of our unofficial resolution, we went  snowshoeing... Read More

This is The Dish

Welcome to Tasha’s Dish! I’ve been a outdoor enthusiast, runnner, skiier, and a cooking fanatic for years. I’m so excited to finally have a platform and an audience to share all of life’s little and big adventures (cooking and otherwise).  With this blog, it’s my goal to give my readers ideas for their own kitchens and invite you all in to witness my own healthful living journey.  If you’d like to learn more... Read More