Trail Factor Half-Marathon Race Re-Cap

Running in Forest Park: they call it “going into the green”.  No matter what time of year, whether pouring rain or bright and sunny, while running on the trails in Forest Park you are submerged in the greenest of green forest scenery.  The beautiful scenery is one of the reasons why Forest Park is one of my favorite place to run and why,on a whim, I signed up for the Trail Factor Half Marathon. While I have completed runs that were longer... Read More

The Big Weekend, Part I

Saturday morning Ben and I were up with the sun and got to the mountain right when the chairs started running.  It was the most beautiful clear day, there were zero lines, and there were some of the most incredible views I’ve had on any ski day…ever. After a couple of hours skiing, we took a quick little break in the lodge and grabbed a drink. With the morning out of the way and the snow starting to soften up, we were ready to take... Read More