We’re on the Whole 30!

Hello Friends! How was your summer?!  Ours was wonderful and full of friends, family, travel and tons of delicious food.  With all of these fun times come lots of glorious food indulgences! But all this indulgence left us feeling a little…sluggish.  I am now working out about 6 times a week, and I felt like all of these little indulgences were adding up and counteracting the hard work I was putting in at boot camp, yoga, and on the trails & track. About... Read More

Beer Tasting in Bend

Last Saturday, to celebrate the long weekend, Ben and I skipped town to Bend, Oregon for a little relaxation, beer tasting, food tasting, and exploring.  Bend is only a three and a half hour drive from Portland, so after a quick Saturday morning work out we hit the road.  We caught a little weather over the mountains, but for the most part the trip was scenic- quintessential Pacific Northwest. We stopped about 20 miles outside of Bend, in Sisters... Read More

The Big Weekend, Part 2

I woke up Sunday morning thinking about one thing, and one thing only. No, not Superbowl….dips!  I knew my healthy eating was going to be put on hold for a day, so Ben and I decided to go on a nice long walk before all indulgence began. The weather was beautiful so we enjoyed the path on the riverfront. We also stopped and explored the new Nike Town and read some books at Powells. Then the real work began.  Ben loves Buffalo chicken wings... Read More

The Day I Ate Cheese

Yesterday was my first day back in Portland, and a good thing too! I got home just in time to visit with a few of my out of town friends before they hopped a flight back to California. Our day was spent sipping wine in the Willamette Valley at Soter and Four Graces. The Soter tasting room was warm and cozy, and it was a good thing because the weather outside was, in true Pacific Northwest fashion, frightful. Around lunchtime our party broke out... Read More