#Putaneggonit Creamy Kale and Cauliflower Soup

This weekend Portland got hit with another Snowpocalypse.  I was stir crazy, it was cold, it was icy, it was snowy, and I was hungry.  Instead of grouching at my husband (which I did a little bit anyways – sorry, Hendo!) I started cooking and I came up with this healthy, delicious recipe for Creamy Kale and Cauliflower Soup. One of my challenges in the winter is eating enough veggies.  My primary veggie eating vehicle is the salad, but in... Read More

The Grind

The week gets so busy sometimes.  We work, we get exercise, we run errands, and sometimes there just isn’t enough time to cook something healthy for the family (or, in my case, Ben and I).  I really, really enjoy cooking but without some organization, the weekly meals go by the wayside and are overtaken by the convenience of frozen burritos, boxed rice, and the all too tempting Pho take out restaurant across the street.  A point of clarification:... Read More

Too Much Barley

I went to the Whole Foods bulk bins and went a little crazy with the barley. Honestly, the barley came out faster than anticipated and I’ve never been known for my hand-eye coordination.  Long story short, I came home with a few pounds of this lovely little pearled grain. I had never even cooked with barley before, but then I saw a vegan mushroom barley risotto recipe in the New York Times Sunday Dining and Wine Section and the next thing I... Read More