Mother’s Bistro and Buzzing Around Portland

Hooray for meeting new friends.  When I first moved to Portland I felt completely isolated. Now that two years have passed in the Pacific Northwest, I finally feel like I have a solid base of friends and every day it seems like I meet new ones.  On a Friday afternoon my good friend in California sent me an unexpected text: her sister was in town visiting grad schools and she wondered if I could show her around town.  How exciting! Of course I obliged. We... Read More

Into The Fog

On Saturday morning I woke up knowing that this weekend would be action packed. After a six month hiatus, I am trying to get back into racing shape. Historically, when I was training for a race, I would always make the mistake of procrastinating and then squeezing a world’s worth of training into a month. The end result would be getting hurt or feeling so overwhelmed by the training squeeze that when the race was finally over, I would stop... Read More