Boke Bowl

After a few days of turkey, stuffing, and all of this good stuff: I was getting sick of leftovers and yearning for something a little different than Thanksgiving food.  The problem with Portland is that there are so many wonderful  places to try. So many that an interesting place can go untried for a year or two before I find myself moseying up the the front door.  This afternoon, after a awesome trip to the gym, Ben and I finally drove down to... Read More

The Sandwich That Changed Everything

As evidenced by my general neglect to this blog, the past few weeks have been crazy.  On top of work and general life stuff, Ben and I moved to a new apartment across town, I took a trip to California, and Ben’s parents came to visit. Did you catch that?  Somewhere in that list we moved. We love our new place and neighborhood.  The southeast side of the river is full of culture.  The houses are older and full of character, a total 180 from... Read More