Mother’s Bistro and Buzzing Around Portland

Hooray for meeting new friends.  When I first moved to Portland I felt completely isolated. Now that two years have passed in the Pacific Northwest, I finally feel like I have a solid base of friends and every day it seems like I meet new ones.  On a Friday afternoon my good friend in California sent me an unexpected text: her sister was in town visiting grad schools and she wondered if I could show her around town.  How exciting! Of course I obliged. We... Read More

Christmas Dinner 2011

Christmas dinner in my home is often a repeat of the classics: buttery mashed potatoes, roasted meat, gravy, and vegetables drenched in butter, salt, and garlic.  The thought of these classics evokes a wave a nostalgia and an internal warmth that only means one thing, “home”.  Comfort food stretches through generations, often unchanging and remaining stagnant as they are passed from grandmother, to mother, to daughter. This year, I... Read More

Spaghetti Squash = Love

At the beginning of the week I usually go on a cooking spree and freshly cooked rice, pastas, beans, and all of my other weekly staples get put into serving size Tupperware and recycled yogurt containers.  That way during the week when I am in a rush, I grab a pre-made staple, a piece of fruit, or a nice salad, and voila! I have a healthy, no fuss meal ready in 2 minutes flat.  This is so helpful because I always have something handy when  I... Read More