En Goals

  Hello July  – how are you doing?  This morning I was going through my notebook trying to find an empty page on which to scribble a to do list, when I stumbled on my 2016 goal list. The past 6 months have been a whirlwind and I’m so excited to say I have met many of the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the year.  Others have changed as I have grown and changed, and some I have made some progress on but I need to get... Read More

Trail Factor Half-Marathon Race Re-Cap

Running in Forest Park: they call it “going into the green”.  No matter what time of year, whether pouring rain or bright and sunny, while running on the trails in Forest Park you are submerged in the greenest of green forest scenery.  The beautiful scenery is one of the reasons why Forest Park is one of my favorite place to run and why,on a whim, I signed up for the Trail Factor Half Marathon. While I have completed runs that were longer... Read More

Getting Crafty

This weekend I was inspired to get into the holiday spirit. That is, I got into the holiday spirit after sleeping in, peeling myself off the couch, and going  for a nice run in the park.  Then, I got into the holiday spirit and decided to bust out all my Christmas decorations.  Sweat Pink, y’all. Anyways, I had signed up for a terrarium making workshop on Sunday.  On Saturday night, I knew I would be bringing home a beautiful table centerpiece,... Read More

Time to Relax

Before the holiday madness began, Ben and I got away for a relaxing weekend in wine country.  We stayed in Carlton, Oregon and spent the night in converted grain silos at the Abbey Road Farms B&B.   We visited several places to taste wine, but our favorite vineyards from the trip were Coelho and Dukes Family Vineyard. What I love about Carlton is that the whole town is centered around celebrating good food and wine. As we were walking through... Read More

Oregon Water Falls

Jamie came to visit! One of my besties, Jamie, came to visit Ben and I in Portland with her cooler than cool boyfriend, Casey.  The weekend was full of hiking, eating, wine tasting, relaxing, and laughing in the backyard by the fire. The weekend kicked off by the fire with some tasty food, wine, and catch up time. Jamie is a vegan, so when we woke up the next morning I was really excited about introducing her to one of our favorite places, Paradox... Read More

Mother’s Bistro and Buzzing Around Portland

Hooray for meeting new friends.  When I first moved to Portland I felt completely isolated. Now that two years have passed in the Pacific Northwest, I finally feel like I have a solid base of friends and every day it seems like I meet new ones.  On a Friday afternoon my good friend in California sent me an unexpected text: her sister was in town visiting grad schools and she wondered if I could show her around town.  How exciting! Of course I obliged. We... Read More

The Big Weekend, Part 2

I woke up Sunday morning thinking about one thing, and one thing only. No, not Superbowl….dips!  I knew my healthy eating was going to be put on hold for a day, so Ben and I decided to go on a nice long walk before all indulgence began. The weather was beautiful so we enjoyed the path on the riverfront. We also stopped and explored the new Nike Town and read some books at Powells. Then the real work began.  Ben loves Buffalo chicken wings... Read More

Slow Bar

I haven’t really discussed it much on this blog but since the new year started I have been focusing on making healthy changes in my life.  In addition to being more organized, getting out on the weekends, and exploring new restaurants,  I am now working out almost every day and making healthier food choices.  Most of what I eat is not blog worthy (e.g. rice, carrot sticks, salad, beans, and roasted vegetables).  But when I do cook up something... Read More

Restaurant Style Steaks

My everyday cooking is comprised of the healthy basics: whole grains, veggies, and a little protein here and there.  This diet plan is inexpensive, time efficient, and, let’s face it, a little boring. In addition to getting out more on the weekends, my other New Year’s resolution is two pronged: 1.) Make a concerted effort to dine at and review the restaurants listed in Portland’s 100 Best Places to Stuff Your Faces.  This neat... Read More

The Pink Rose

Since I’ve been talking so much about my quest to get healthy, I thought I would share my workout schedule from this week: Monday: 3 mile run + weight training Tuesday: AM:30-40 minutes on elliptical (I don’t remember most of it because it was too early in the morning). PM: Boot camp style yoga class Wednesday: 3 mileish run after work Thursday: AM: 30 minutes of ellipitcal Friday: Off Saturday: 7 mile run planned in the morning! Even... Read More