A Healthy Change

The past few months have been all about big changes.  We tied the knot, I changed my last name, and we are starting the process of purchasing a home.  Somewhere in between all of those major life events we dramatically changed our lifestyle and made a conscious decision to be healthier people, and adopted a plant based, whole foods diet. After a particularly indulgent holiday, we sat down on January 3 and talked about our goals for the New Year. ... Read More

Green Goat Quinoa Salad

My refrigerator is stuffed full of evidence from entertaining: A hodge podge of cheeses, left over sandwich and hamburger fixings, sauces with no home, and condiments with only one purpose.  From these orphaned ingredients, and my desire for something remotely nutritious after an indulgent holiday season, this recipe was born. This is a really easy dish which can act as a full meal or as a lovely side plate. Best of all, it only takes about 30... Read More