Salt and Lime

No, sadly, we’re not talking about tequila shots or making margaritas in this post.  Instead, we’re going talk about a few lesser known applications for salt and lime. Recently I found myself with a bumper crop of radishes. Realistically, there are only so many things you can do with radishes and after awhile I was dreading ANOTHER run of the mill salad . I had friends visiting from San Francisco and I really wanted to make them something... Read More

My Growing Garden

After we moved to our new apartment, I was so excited to start utilizing the large yard space for my first ever vegetable garden. Last year we lived in a one bedroom apartment with a balcony that could barely fit my chive and basil plants.  Each week we spent upwards of 60 dollars at the farmers market getting farm fresh fruits and vegetables.  I loved supporting our local farmers and eating food that was sustainably produced, however, the cost... Read More