We Love Shortrib

The 49ers may have lost, but Ben and I won with this fantastic meal tonight.  Instead of pigging out on dips and snacks all day, we opted for one indulgent meal.  When the guys in red and gold were out fighting for the (unattained) win, Ben and I were eating slow cooker beef short ribs in Cabernet sauce, creamy Parmesan mashed potatoes, and roasted Brussels sprouts. Oh yummy, what an amazing meal! I hope you all had a fantastic time watching... Read More

Time to Relax

Before the holiday madness began, Ben and I got away for a relaxing weekend in wine country.  We stayed in Carlton, Oregon and spent the night in converted grain silos at the Abbey Road Farms B&B.   We visited several places to taste wine, but our favorite vineyards from the trip were Coelho and Dukes Family Vineyard. What I love about Carlton is that the whole town is centered around celebrating good food and wine. As we were walking through... Read More

The Big Weekend, Part I

Saturday morning Ben and I were up with the sun and got to the mountain right when the chairs started running.  It was the most beautiful clear day, there were zero lines, and there were some of the most incredible views I’ve had on any ski day…ever. After a couple of hours skiing, we took a quick little break in the lodge and grabbed a drink. With the morning out of the way and the snow starting to soften up, we were ready to take... Read More

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt Caramel

Hello Friends! Is everyone ready for the holidays – I certainly am!  After work my very productive evening was spent wrapping these beautiful presents, watching multiple episodes of Revenge, and eating chocolate! Besides chocolate, today’s eats consisted of this for breakfast -except instead of the oatmeal I had a spinach feta wrap. Have you ever tried these? It tastes like chicken, looks like chicken, except it is totally vegetarian,... Read More

A Christmas-y Type of Day

Yesterday morning I woke up planning to go on a trail run.  However, the night before my right leg and knee were hurting and when I woke up yesterday they were still on the fritz.  Instead of risking it and re-aggravating an injury – I fueled up with a banana and PB and opted for 30 minutes on the elliptical with the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Then I completed a resistance work out adapted from a few routines my friend Jamie has shared with... Read More