En Goals

  Hello July  – how are you doing?  This morning I was going through my notebook trying to find an empty page on which to scribble a to do list, when I stumbled on my 2016 goal list. The past 6 months have been a whirlwind and I’m so excited to say I have met many of the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the year.  Others have changed as I have grown and changed, and some I have made some progress on but I need to get... Read More

Running with Team Luna Chix

I love running. I love being able to run out frustrations or extra energy at the end of a long day.  I like how a nice long run always helps me find my center.  I love the endorphin rush I get after running any distance.  I love the way it clears my mind and tightens my body. But, despite all of the things I like and love about it, running and I have had an up and down relationship ever since we met when I was in junior high.  For some reason,... Read More

Getting Crafty

This weekend I was inspired to get into the holiday spirit. That is, I got into the holiday spirit after sleeping in, peeling myself off the couch, and going  for a nice run in the park.  Then, I got into the holiday spirit and decided to bust out all my Christmas decorations.  Sweat Pink, y’all. Anyways, I had signed up for a terrarium making workshop on Sunday.  On Saturday night, I knew I would be bringing home a beautiful table centerpiece,... Read More

Christmas Dinner 2011

Christmas dinner in my home is often a repeat of the classics: buttery mashed potatoes, roasted meat, gravy, and vegetables drenched in butter, salt, and garlic.  The thought of these classics evokes a wave a nostalgia and an internal warmth that only means one thing, “home”.  Comfort food stretches through generations, often unchanging and remaining stagnant as they are passed from grandmother, to mother, to daughter. This year, I... Read More

Christmas Eve Traditions

Happy Christmas Eve! Yesterday we made the long drive from Portland to Sacramento.  After being in the car for 10 hours, the rest of the day was lost to napping, eating, and more napping.  I woke up this morning with energy and a purpose.  This year, I am cooking our family’s entire Christmas dinner. THE.ENTIRE.THING.  With this in mind, most of my day was dedicated to making preparations for tomorrow’s feast. After picking up our... Read More

A Christmas-y Type of Day

Yesterday morning I woke up planning to go on a trail run.  However, the night before my right leg and knee were hurting and when I woke up yesterday they were still on the fritz.  Instead of risking it and re-aggravating an injury – I fueled up with a banana and PB and opted for 30 minutes on the elliptical with the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Then I completed a resistance work out adapted from a few routines my friend Jamie has shared with... Read More

Back to Health

Whoa – My healthy eating got a little off track on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. On Tuesday night (after the gym) I had one of these with some girlfriends at Brix Tavern And then ate cream of artichoke soup and some chile verde pork nachos.  Everything was so good, but I felt so stuffed and gross afterwards!  The next day at lunch I encountered some Thai food and inhaled all of it.  When I got home Thursday night, I felt like it was... Read More

Tofurkey Time?

I’ve always been health and food conscious but I’ve never been a vegetarian.  In fact, I’ve always secretly poked fun at my vegetarian friends for missing out on chicken burritos, french dip sandwiches, and bacon wrapped anything.  But lately, I’ve hit a rut.  I’m running slower than I’ve ever run in years, my energy (and motivation) levels are at nearly zero, and the parts of my body that were firm last year... Read More