Meals For The Busy Week

Lately life has been a little different than in months past. Our friend Sam is staying with us while he is doing an internship in Portland. The weather has been unseasonably warm, I cut my hair short, and close friends moved into town!  Ben is coaching lacrosse at night and I have been exercising in the evenings most days of the week.  Suffice to say we have all been keeping really busy. For me, an evening work out means I get home late, which means... Read More

The Grind

The week gets so busy sometimes.  We work, we get exercise, we run errands, and sometimes there just isn’t enough time to cook something healthy for the family (or, in my case, Ben and I).  I really, really enjoy cooking but without some organization, the weekly meals go by the wayside and are overtaken by the convenience of frozen burritos, boxed rice, and the all too tempting Pho take out restaurant across the street.  A point of clarification:... Read More

Clean Eating Sunday

Did you notice that my diet yesterday included a disproportionate amount of cheese?  When I woke up today I immediately went to the lasagna, but after a few bites I decided keep my eats relatively clean for the day and settled on some granola instead. When I woke up it was drizzly and cold inside, so I opted for the warm gym and watching the Kardashians instead of the wintery weather on the trails. My 50 minutes on the elliptical and another really... Read More