Recipe Friday: Shrimp Cauliflower Fried Rice

I really love rice and I must admit, I’ve really missed rice during our time on the Whole 30.  However, cauliflower rice has been an awesome substitute.  It has the bulk and consistency of rice, but it’s cauliflower! One bummer about cauliflower rice is the amount of prep it takes. It takes awhile to break down the cauliflower, and “rice” it in the food processor.  And don’t even get me started on the mess.  Those... Read More

We’re on the Whole 30!

Hello Friends! How was your summer?!  Ours was wonderful and full of friends, family, travel and tons of delicious food.  With all of these fun times come lots of glorious food indulgences! But all this indulgence left us feeling a little…sluggish.  I am now working out about 6 times a week, and I felt like all of these little indulgences were adding up and counteracting the hard work I was putting in at boot camp, yoga, and on the trails & track. About... Read More

Friday Night Vietnamese

When I have a cold, all I want to eat is a big steaming bowl of Pho. I call them “magic noodles” because without fail, they always make me feel better. Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen showed up during one of those cold, dreary, sniffley days. Admittedly, I was looking for PhoPDX. I had been there once before: ate the Pho, was a little underwhelmed by the food, totally disappointed by the cafeteria style ambiance, and never went back. But one day,... Read More

Red Onion Thai

I’m the bad kid in book club.  I’ll admit it publicly, I’ve never finished a book club book.  I always start them with the best intentions, but then end up reading the first few chapters the day before we meet, and calling it good.  Rebel, rebel, I am. I’ve been to Red Onion Thai before and wasn’t super impressed. Ben and I actually went there on our second date and although I always had warm memories from the date,... Read More