#Putaneggonit Creamy Kale and Cauliflower Soup

This weekend Portland got hit with another Snowpocalypse.  I was stir crazy, it was cold, it was icy, it was snowy, and I was hungry.  Instead of grouching at my husband (which I did a little bit anyways – sorry, Hendo!) I started cooking and I came up with this healthy, delicious recipe for Creamy Kale and Cauliflower Soup. One of my challenges in the winter is eating enough veggies.  My primary veggie eating vehicle is the salad, but in... Read More

Away in California

Forgive my extended absence from the blog. Last week I was working in a place where crystals hang on oak tree branches. Extremely large rabbits jump into small suitcases. Wearing cute shoes is practical and socially acceptable. Old vine zinfandels are easy to come by. The sun is out and the view is nice, and owls protect the deck from woodpeckers. After getting picked up at the airport on Saturday afternoon, we jetted straight up to Mount... Read More