Fresh Tomato and Cucumber Summer Market Salad

International travel,visitors, and soaking up the summer sun and enjoying my city have kept me away from the blog world for too long.  Today the City of Portland is a completely different city than it was 3 months ago. It’s a living breathing entity with people streaming in and out of restaurants and bars.  Plays and music seem to be in our local park every day and there is definitely a festival every single weekend. When the rain begins again,... Read More

Oregon Water Falls

Jamie came to visit! One of my besties, Jamie, came to visit Ben and I in Portland with her cooler than cool boyfriend, Casey.  The weekend was full of hiking, eating, wine tasting, relaxing, and laughing in the backyard by the fire. The weekend kicked off by the fire with some tasty food, wine, and catch up time. Jamie is a vegan, so when we woke up the next morning I was really excited about introducing her to one of our favorite places, Paradox... Read More

Healthy French Fries

Um, yeah, hey healthy food, it’s me Tasha.  Yeah, I know I broke up with you over the holidays for that meaty prime rib and some cheesy goodness, but I’m wondering if you will take me back? You will? Great! I absolutely love french fries and cheese, but over the holiday season I kicked my addiction into high gear. To counter act my french fry and cheese eating problem, I do a little salad eating and healthy cooking every now and then.... Read More

Vegan Butternut Squash and Black Bean Enchiladas

Let’s talk about things that come in packages. Besides the big things that come in small ones, they sketch me out.  I really feel as though I only have maximum control over what goes into my dish by using ingredients in their whole form.  But sometimes after you’ve worked a full day, gone to the gym, and arrive home at 8:30 pm so hungry you have considered eating your silverware, you have to compromise your principles a little bit. Let’s be... Read More

This is The Dish

Welcome to Tasha’s Dish! I’ve been a outdoor enthusiast, runnner, skiier, and a cooking fanatic for years. I’m so excited to finally have a platform and an audience to share all of life’s little and big adventures (cooking and otherwise).  With this blog, it’s my goal to give my readers ideas for their own kitchens and invite you all in to witness my own healthful living journey.  If you’d like to learn more... Read More