Broccoli and Cheese Risotto

When I was a little girl my mom used to make our family a simple chicken and rice dish with canned soup and cheese.  All the ingredients would go into a pan in the oven and cook up like a casserole.  My mom isn’t much of a cook, but this dish was always a winner. Inspired by this comfort food from my childhood, I created a broccoli and cheese risotto.  Chicken is great with this risotto, but so is a perfectly poached egg.  It’s a very simple... Read More

Oregon Water Falls

Jamie came to visit! One of my besties, Jamie, came to visit Ben and I in Portland with her cooler than cool boyfriend, Casey.  The weekend was full of hiking, eating, wine tasting, relaxing, and laughing in the backyard by the fire. The weekend kicked off by the fire with some tasty food, wine, and catch up time. Jamie is a vegan, so when we woke up the next morning I was really excited about introducing her to one of our favorite places, Paradox... Read More

Healthy French Fries

Um, yeah, hey healthy food, it’s me Tasha.  Yeah, I know I broke up with you over the holidays for that meaty prime rib and some cheesy goodness, but I’m wondering if you will take me back? You will? Great! I absolutely love french fries and cheese, but over the holiday season I kicked my addiction into high gear. To counter act my french fry and cheese eating problem, I do a little salad eating and healthy cooking every now and then.... Read More

Spaghetti Squash = Love

At the beginning of the week I usually go on a cooking spree and freshly cooked rice, pastas, beans, and all of my other weekly staples get put into serving size Tupperware and recycled yogurt containers.  That way during the week when I am in a rush, I grab a pre-made staple, a piece of fruit, or a nice salad, and voila! I have a healthy, no fuss meal ready in 2 minutes flat.  This is so helpful because I always have something handy when  I... Read More


My black Friday vegetarian project ended on January 1, 2010.  Since then, I moved to Portland and had every intention of continuing on with this blog.  However, shortly after moving to Portland, I started eating meat again.  I felt like a fraud writing a blog with the word “vegetarian” in it while slurping down clam chowder and oysters on the half shell. Therefore, my postings became few and far between and eventually my blogging subsided. But... Read More

Tofurkey Time?

I’ve always been health and food conscious but I’ve never been a vegetarian.  In fact, I’ve always secretly poked fun at my vegetarian friends for missing out on chicken burritos, french dip sandwiches, and bacon wrapped anything.  But lately, I’ve hit a rut.  I’m running slower than I’ve ever run in years, my energy (and motivation) levels are at nearly zero, and the parts of my body that were firm last year... Read More