The Best Things About My Late Summer

Best of Late Summer

For the past week or two, when I walk to my bus stop I have felt the chill in the air.  Despite the fact the temperature is still getting into the 90s in the afternoon, that early morning chill is a brisk reminder that Summer is ending and fall is knocking on the door.  All of our summer vacation plans have come and gone, however we are still enjoying outdoor barbeques and long weekend walks in the sun. The time between summer’s official end and fall’s official start should be its own season.  It’s not quite time to break out the fall boots, but I have already put my sandals away. I’m ready to start cooking soups, but I’m not ready to start talking about winter squash and pumpkins yet.  It’s still ice cream season, because, well, who doesn’t love ice cream, always?  Here are a few things that I have been enjoying in this transitional time of the year:

This summer I made a conscious decision to get into shape and this boot camp on the Willamette River Waterfront has been kicking my butt in the best way possible. Exercising during the cooler evenings in September has been my favorite!

This juice is crazy good.  I usually grab one when I hit the mid-day wall and it is an awesome pick-me-up.  Yay veggie power!

Ben and I were eating this soup from 101 Cookbooks once a week when the zucchinis were in abundance.  It’s a great way to use up those huge summer squash!

When my pedicure is in disarray, these flats save my day!

Making homemade ice cream in my Kitchen Aid stand mixer was one of my favorite things to do this summer.  However, when Ben and I get a late night sweet tooth, Cloud City Ice Cream and Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby Ice Cream have done the trick.

This awesomely spicy, filling, and vegan soup from Joy the Baker…. Use up all those carrots!

Have you heard of Fab Athletics?  After 2 months of going to boot camp I decided to treat myself to two new work out outfits.  I’m loving my new Gaviota Capri pants – they are comfortable and fit like a glove.  I have had so many compliments!

This corn salad that I developed for Sunshine Burger is a celebration of late summer produce…make it, bring it to your next pot luck, and then thank me later J

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