The Sandwich That Changed Everything

As evidenced by my general neglect to this blog, the past few weeks have been crazy.  On top of work and general life stuff, Ben and I moved to a new apartment across town, I took a trip to California, and Ben’s parents came to visit.

Did you catch that?  Somewhere in that list we moved. We love our new place and neighborhood.  The southeast side of the river is full of culture.  The houses are older and full of character, a total 180 from the almost sterile cookie cutter apartments that can be found in the Pearl District. In one day, our outside space grew from a 4×1 ft Juliet balcony, to a huge backyard with space to plant. Our walls have color, there are kids playing outside, and we have more space.  Space, space, glorious space!

Somewhere in the craziness of the last month, Bunk Sandwiches came into my life.

I try to stay away from ordering sandwiches when I go to restaurants.  Let’s face it, most of the time sandwiches are boring. Bread, meat, cheese, repeat.  Sometimes people throw some avocado in and call it “California Style.”  Whatever.

Bunk Sandwiches opened a store front near my work, and with this skeptical attitude and a little bit of hangriness I walked in and ordered their pork belly cubano.

Like Whoa, kids. Like Whoa.

Let’s back up a little bit and talk some more about Bunk. When I walked through the door, I was immediately surprised by the simplicity of the space. The guys making the sandwiches are working busily surrounded by stainless steel counter tops with old fashioned sitting stools.  I liked the chalk board menu, but I loved the glass jar full of Dum dums.

Back to the sandwich, the bread was chewy yet flaky which complimented the ham, pork belly, swiss cheese, and pickles.  One bite changed the entire trajectory of the day.  Suddenly a non stop scramble turned into bliss.  What a sandwich!

Since the initial pork belly cubano I have been back for the roast beef and the pulled pork sandwiches and both were fantastic.

If you are looking for a fast, no nonsense, and delicious sandwich walk over to Bunk and grab a bite.

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