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Welcome to Tasha’s Dish!

I’ve been a outdoor enthusiast, runnner, skiier, and a cooking fanatic for years. I’m so excited to finally have a platform and an audience to share all of life’s little and big adventures (cooking and otherwise).  With this blog, it’s my goal to give my readers ideas for their own kitchens and invite you all in to witness my own healthful living journey.  If you’d like to learn more about my reasons for writing the blog check out the about Tasha’s Dish section.  But since you are here right now, the following are 10 things about the writer of this blog:

1.) Hand’s down, my favorite food is noodles. Low-carb diets be damned! Pasta is my Achilles heel.

2.) To compensate for all the pasta I eat, I run quite a bit.  I love running anywhere, but especially on trails.

3.) I also love skiing.  This is me and my friend after an especially awesome day on the mountain.

4.) I have a boyfriend named Ben, we love to travel and hike.

5.) We also enjoy eating.  We shared some amazing Lobster Mac and Cheese with friends Nick and Kate at Slip 14 in Nantucket.

6.) I love wine tasting!

7.) This year we spent Thanksgiving in a Forest Service cabin in Montana.  Our whole dinner was artfully prepared on a wood burning stove.

8.) Once I ran a marathon, it made me super happy.

9.) I live in Portland, the dream of the 90s is alive – and we have pretty decent microbrews.

10.) Oh yeah, and I love to cook healthy delicious food.  Check out these black bean vegan brownies that I made!

  1. Jamie Walker says:

    Tasha – your site is beyond beautiful and LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your recipes and food porn. So excited to get kitchen inspiration and continue to be inspired by you from all that you do!

    <3 you! XOXOXO

  2. Mom says:

    Looking foward to your blog on preparing prime rib.

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