Title Nine Fit Fest and GIVEAWAY!

I usually hate buying bras, especially sports bras.  When you’re a bigger chested lady, who loves high impact activities (bootcamp, running) finding a sports bra that is both comfortable and functional is challenging.  Before I attended my first Title Nine Fit Fest, I had resigned myself to the idea that I would have to double up on (yes, I mean wear two) sports bras for life.

However, last year all of that changed when I attended Title Nine Fit Fest, and for the first time ever was fitted with a sports bra that…wait for it…actually fit!


Title Nine has expert bra fit specialists – bravangelists – to get women into the right bra. Goodbye, painfully bouncing on the long downhill stretches of trail runs.  Goodbye, awkwardly pulling at my tops during high planks to make sure I’m not flashing anyone. Goodbye, having to skip my run because I accidentally forgot one of my two ill-fitting sports bras (and there’s no way I was running without doubling up).

So, it goes without saying, when I was invited back to the Title Nine Portland store to attend the Title Nine Fit Fest blogger event with my Sweat Pink and Flex & Flow crew last Wednesday, I accepted the invite with glee!

When I walked into the store I was greeted by the store manager, Holly, and introduced to my Bravangelist, Sarah. Sarah took my measurements and then asked me lots of questions about my activities and what type of bra I was looking for.  I told her I was looking for a sports bra specifically for bootcamp and running, so she picked out a few bras in my size that she thought would work for my activities.

After trying on a bunch of bras, many of which I loved, I ended up picking the Moving Comfort 7 Wonders Bra. In addition to being SUPER supportive, it was also super cute! I appreciate this because sometimes sports bras, or bras in general, for bigger busted ladies remind you of something that your great-grandma would wear.  Not the case at Title Nine – yay!


Over the last week I was really able to put my fit to the test:  I took my 7 Wonders out for a 4 mile run on the Portland water front, taught bootcamp in it, and even ran the Trail Factor Half Marathon wearing it!  The bra is very comfortable and cute, but best of all I feel secure and there is absolutely zero bounce.  The bra was perfect during my 4 mile run and for teaching (and participating in) bootcamp.

Chafing is a super common problem for me (like, every time I run over 10 miles), so prior to my half marathon I did purchase, and use Body Glide on all of my normal chafing spots. After my half marathon I did have chafing on my back (a normal chafing spot) where I actually forgot to apply the Body Glide.  I had zero chafing on all of the other normal chafing places where I used the Body Glide, so next time I do a longer race wearing this bra I will be more diligent about my anti-chafing measures!


I had nothing but comfort and style during my shorter run and during bootcamp, and I’m super excited to sport my new bra for tomorrow’s recovery run and Wednesday bootcamp!

The bravangelists at Title Nine have converted me: having a good sports bra is now a non-negotiable part of my fitness attire.  For too many years I participated in sports and activities without feeling secure or comfortable.  I can’t say enough good things about my experience getting fitted at Title Nine, or having a sports bra that actually fits, and looks stylish!

If you too would like to work with a Title Nine bravangelist to get the right fit, Title Nine Portland’s Fit Fest is on Wednesday, June 1 and Thursday, June 2.  RSVP here!

Because Title Nine is awesome, they are offering one of my readers (in the U.S. only!) a free personalized fitting (either in-store or by-phone depending on location) and one bra.  Winners within driving distance of a Title Nine Store will be asked to redeem their prize at the closest store.  To enter, send out a tweet telling me about your favorite way to be active and use @TitleNine, @Tashasdish, and #T9FitFest.  Not on Twitter?  That’s OK! Just leave me a comment below! I will pick a winner at random on June 15th.


*Title Nine sports provided me with a free personalized fitting, sports bra, and swag bag, however, the opinions shared in this post are my own.

  1. MC says:

    I loved getting fitted for a sports bra at Title Nine and was surprised a bra fitting could be fun!

  2. Bain says:

    LOVE FitFest! Last year I found not only a new running bra (underwire? front closure? what the what?) AND a new regular bra (lace? what?). The running bra is in a rotation, so it technically hasn’t had a birthday yet. The regular bra, I’ve bought several more of the same brand (some brand new on closeout on ebay).

    I hate seeing women run with crummy sports bras, or wearing two! Since I’m smaller-chested, few larger-chested women will take my bra advice. (Which basically is: go get one that fits well!)

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